Cattack: Cataclysm

In Cattack: Cataclysm we are taking catfights to the next level. When their humans have left the building the cats of Cattack take their homemade cardboard tanks and shoot yarn at each other and throw water balloons.

Soon coming to Kickstarter!

Welcome to the world of Cattack

Discover a world of exciting games that are easy to understand yet offer enough complexity to keep everyone entertained. Explore our latest creation, Cattack: Cataclysm, a thrilling board game that will challenge your strategic skills.

About Cattack: Cataclysm

Experience the excitement of Cattack: Cataclysm, a board game designed by Ghostcat Interactive. With easy-to-understand rules and captivating gameplay, Cattack: Cataclysm offers endless fun for players age 10 and up. Join the adventure today!

Coming soon to Kickstarter!